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TRIAD Digital Communications Systems

With all the choices, the technology and the possible applications, business communications are no simple matter today. Voice mail, the Internet, call centers, computer telephony, networking, ISDN, wireless - all may be part of your communications system. You need a system on which you can build a solid foundation - one that can ensure that you will be prepared to handle the communications possibilities of the future. That system is Vodavi's TRIAD Digital Communications system!. The TRIAD family of digital communications systems provides affordable and easy-to-use solutions that can start out as small as 3 lines and 8 telephones, and grow all the way up to 124 lines and 252 stations. Best of all, if you outgrow any of the smaller systems and want to upgrade to a larger one, your investment is protected, as all models of TRIAD telephones are compatible with the entire system family. Digital System Choices Four system sizes offer flexible configuration possibilities to meet the requirements and budgets of your customers.


The entry-level system. It is an expandable flat pack system that offers configuration possibilities from 3 lines and 8 stations to a maximum of 12 lines and 32 stations.


Incorporates four slots for flexible configuration up to 78 ports, and includes all the powerful system features of the larger systems. TRIAD1 has the ability to expand to 108 ports with the addition of four extension slots.


Uses the same hardware platform as the TRIAD1, with expansion capabilities to 108 ports to support larger applications.


The flagship system that supports up to 376 ports, and provides maximum flexibility and expansion opportunities.

Product Highlights

All TRIAD telephones are CTI-enabled to increase your productivity now or in the future Directory Dialing, Speed Dialing and Last-Number Redial make calling out fast and easy

Answering Machine Emulation lets you listen to callers while they leave a message - you can pick up the call or let it remain in Voice Mail

Station Relocation features and user programmability reduce labor and installation charges

Incoming callers can dial extensions directly with optional DID and DNIS

Caller ID Integration and ANI tells you who is calling before you pick up the phone

Reduce long distance costs with Least Cost Routing and Programmable Toll Restriction

SMDR details system information on incoming and outgoing calls, helping you manage your business

Have calls announced without interrupting your call with Off Hook Voice Over (OHVO)

2-Year Warranty is your guarantee of quality and reliability

Advantages & Benefits

System Advantages Benefits To You! Full Capacity to 348 Ports

Cover a wider range of customer applications up through 96 trunks and 252 stations.

2 Year Warranty The TRIAD family offers a two year warranty on all telephones, KSUs and common equipment. This assures you of our commitment to quality and reliability.

DiscoveryCT Series of Computer Telephony Products

The TRIAD system offers two different desktop CTI capabilities with the DiscoveryCT series:

A telephone-centric application, which enables every TRIAD telephone to support CTI through the use of an external CTI module A PC-centric model which replaces the desktop telephone with a board and software in your PC.

Inexpensive DC Battery Backup

DC Connection to a system backup is available.

Ground Start Trunks Improving overall system reliability on the TRIAD3.

High Density 24 Port Station Cards Twice as many stations are available on a single station card without doubling the cost.

T-1 (ANI) T-1 (ANI) will be available on TRIAD systems.

One Button Record Allows users to record both internal and external conversations directly into their voice mail box with the touch of a single button.

Answering Machine Emulation Ability to screen calls going into voice mail, as you might do with an answering machine

. Red & Green LEDs All TRIAD Digital Key Telephones provide red and green LEDs to distinguish lines in use from ringing lines.

CTI Compatibility All telephone models are CTI compatible. By using the CTI Interface Module, you can purchase any TRIAD telephone model today and have it integrate with their computer at any time in the future.

Cordless Key Telephone Unit Cordless Digital Key Telephone model provides mobility and convenience.

Digital Voice Mail Integration Provides you with a cost-effective, integrated voice mail system that offers expanded features and tighter integration. (No more need for single line boards or ring generators.)